The Rheintalklinik Bad Krozingen

Special fields of the Rheintalklinik are:


orthopedy and traumatology

  • cardiology and inner medicine
  • ambulance for manual medicine
  • physioteam ambulant


There is a walk-in clinic for manual medicine in the Center of movement disorders, Rheintalklinik in Bad Krozingen.

Cures for some weeks specialised for children and their mothers and other medical sectors are very succesful. They make medical treatments infantile cerebral palsy, quadriplegia, spastic diplegia, hemiplegia, spastic dystonia, ataxia.

If you would like to visit an ambulant patient, or patients of other medical treatments, you are welcome to my location ferienwohnung Ruppenthal in Bad Krozingen, very close  to the Rheintalklinik and the Vita Classica.

the rheintalKliniK Bad Krozingen

In the walk-in-clinic, manual science of movement disorder could be manually  improved. Many children with cerebral palsy can be cured in a few weeks.