The Vita Classica, Ärztekongress

Entrance of the thermal bath Vita Classica, thermalbad bad krozingen: The mineral bath with its numerous spa facilities is worth a trip. As a center for wellness and health it offers lots of different spas,

Indian spa,

Japanese spa,

Turkish spa and others.


Rare oils such as Argan oil or Ayurveda oil in combination with herbs and spices make a very pleasant combination, called wellness, nearby the holiday apartment in bad krozingen.

In the Sauna Paradise you have the choice between Bio sauna, steam sauna, Finnish sauna and Japanese sauna. You can relax at the Japanese House. Afterwards returning to my vacation apartment Ruppenthal.


Vita Classica, Ärztekongress

Even at this time in winter, Bad Krozingen offers a lot of flat charges like fitness to recover your forces, wellness, and other flat charges. As you like in the sauna, thermalbath or relaxation room. Try and enjoy a different spas like a marrocan, indian, turkish spa. All in the thermalbad bad krozingen.

wellness, japanese spa


 You could gain back your forces and healthiness, here in our vita classica bad Krozingen.