Bad Krozingen, Spa Garden, Holidays

Bad Krozingen is classified as climatic spa and there is no industry with environmental pollution nearby. In our neighboring places of Bad Krozingen, you will find fields with asparagus, tobacco plants, strawberries and vegetables. In June you can reap delicious strawberries directly from the fields or buy the fresh fruit at a low price.


Flight with a balloon or a long downhill distance special for Mountain Bikers in the Black Forest - Schwarzwald - nearby.

Long downhill distance about 6 miles,


near by the holiday apartment bad krozingen.


Enjoy superiour wine in this region.


Bad Krozingen, Spa Garden, Holiday Station

View over the vineyards direction Black Forest
In the background the munster valley.

Bad Krozingen is idyllically situated and offers magnificent views to the Black Forest in the East, the Kaiserstuhl in the North and the Vosges in the West. Not far away from Freiburg, France (Colmar) and Suisse.

The ski pistes and cross-country ski tracks of the

Black Forest, Notschrei or Feldberg are not far away. With paying the vivitor´s tax, your Konuskarte is free, so you can get to the Feldberg by train and bus the whole time while staying in bad brozingen.
The apartment is close to the Kur-Park.,b-medium-1&ov=cycling&view=map&zc=7,8.22876,48.28685




for Wine conoisseurs

You are a wine conoisseur ?

Bad Krozingen, spa garden, Holiday station

Many hospitals such as Rheintaltalklinik, Schwarzwaldklinik Bad Krozingen and Breisgauklinik are close to my holiday apartment, close to the spa garden.


You´ll reach the Vita Classica within 3 minutes.


The Festival Of Light

The festival of light (Lichterfest) in bad krozingen with live music attracts numerous tourists in August.

Spa Gardens ,Kurpark

Spa gardens and park, near by a bike rental station
Here, you can start hiking tours

The large spa gardens close to the holiday apartment are close to my holiday apartment. In hot summer you will find a shady place under large trees. Germans often enjoy this place during a rehab in one of the clinics. Many guests practice jogging or Nordic walking in the big park. Now, there is a new Golf-Place to make little trianings. From spring to autumn you will find a lot of artistic and musical entertainment close to the clinics, as like as the Schwarzwaldklinik Bad Krozingen.



recommanded HIKING TRAILS

Here you will find hiking trails, Site Schwarzwald - Tourismus GmbH,7.5531,47.92486



an E-Bike Rentalstation, and an electric loading Bikestation,7.62417,47.91922

Spa Gardens, kurpark

Floral peacock
Floral Peacock

Floral peacock in the spa gardens. bad krozingen's homepage informs about current local events:

staying in or near by bad Krozingen

Wooden sculptures

Artists have created wooden sculptures that can be admired in the spa gardens, near by the Vita Classica thermal bath Bad Krozingen.


Cozy Inns

Cosy inn, so-called "Strausse"
The Lorenz Straussi in Kirchhofen

You will find lots of cozy inns near Bad Krozingen, they are called Straussenwirtschaft.


Some arround the holiday apartment are designed with beautiful  decoration.